Statistics Economics for Class 11

by SANDEEP GARG, Language ENGLISH, Pages None ISBN None

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Published by Dhanpat Rai publi10ions, this textbook of statistics for Economics will be of immense help for the students, who will be appearing for their Class 11 Examinations. This 3rd revised edition is designed as per the latest curriculum outlined by the Central Board of Secondary Edu10ion (CBSE). The author of this textbook is br>Sandeep Garg, who has been practicing as a chartered accountant for more than 25 years. Besides being a ranker holder in CA inter and CA Final, he ranked 7th in the final examination of CMA. He has co-authored a wide range of books, where he stated the most complex 18s, theories, and principles in the simplest way so that students are able to grasp the same easily.

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