Introductory Microeconomics

by SANDEEP GARG, Language None Pages None ISBN None

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Some salient features of the book are all concepts have been simplified and presented in a manner to help students develop conceptual understanding. All concepts have been systematically explained through the use of diagrams, schedules and examples. The analysis in each br> br>Chapter has been prepared in a step by step manner. A large number of solved as well as unsolved questions are given at the end of each br> br>Chapter to help the students practise and evaluate their understanding. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) and true and false with answers have been given after every br> br>Chapter in addition, questions involving high Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) have also been included. A sample project work has been included for the reference of the students. This book completely covers the NCERT and CBSE supplementary reading material. We hope that the book would be really helpful to the concerned students.

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