T.S. Grewal's Analysis of Financial Statements: Textbook for CBSE Class 12 Paperba

by T.S. Grewal & H.S. Grewal & CA. Dr. G.S. Grewal & R.K. Khosla, Language ENGLISH, Pages None ISBN 978-9389174489

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Salient Features of the book are: 1) simple and lucid textual flow; 2) necessary inputs to provide a sound theoretical and conceptual base; 3) ample illustrations, diagrams, formats and tables for easy and better understanding of the subject; 4) objective type and multiple choice questions; 5) very Short Answer Type, Short Answer Type and Evaluation Questions appended at chapter-end, with activities interspersed to help the students assess their understanding of the subject; 6) additional illustrations and questions in each br>Chapter in QR codes to help expand knowledge; 7) class-tested and well-graded material; 8) appropriate weightage to topics according to the marks/periods allotted by the CBSE; 9) Scanner of questions set in the previous examinations.

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