Quantitative Aptitude Quantum Cat

by Sarvesh K Verma, Language ENGLISH, Pages 1213 ISBN 978-9324197702

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1. ‘Quantum cat’- the bestselling study guide for management entrances 2. The entire syllabus has been divided into 21 chapters 3. Every br>Chapter is accompanied with cat test for quick revision of concepts 4. More than 400 fundamental concepts are provided for better understanding 5. More than 1000 examples are provided with use-cases, twists, tricks choices and lateral solutions 6. More than 5000 hand crafted problem are given for the practice 7. 2000 new MCQs have been provided for thorough practice Quantitative Aptitude is a core component for getting a winning cat score. Out of every section, Quantitative Ability is one of the most unpredictable and time consuming section. Quantitative Aptitude stems an important part of an individuals’ analytical and logical Ability for solving complex problems, making it a filtering tool for Qualifying cat and other Management entrances. The current edition of “quantum cat” has been designed by keeping in mind the needs of those who wish to enh

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